November 30, 2010

Could Your School Use Some PEACE? Care For The Sick Schools provide some necessary health screenings for students, such as vision and hearing, but the need is so great the outside resources need to be brought into the school to meet the needs of the students and their parents. AYUDA Dental Clinic: Coordinated the free USC AYUDA dental clinic to provide dental exams, checkups, and necessary dental work for students. Gary Center: Provided free dental check exams for preschool students American Heart Association: Coordinated classes for parents on heart health and free heart checks, and healthy nutrition. American Diabetes Association: Coordinated classes for parents to learn about diabetes and prevention of diabetes, which is having an impact on students. Healthy Cooking: Coordinated volunteers who held classes on buying, preparing, and eating healthy meals. Early Morning Exercise Club: parents meet on the athletic field before school and stretched and walked with a volunteer leader. Educate The Next Generation and The Illiterate Parents are often desperate for educational opportunities but lack the knowledge or access to these opportunities. When parents are provided the opportunities, they empower themselves and provide an excellent role model for their children. English as a Second Language (ESL): Coordinated the delivery of free classes taught by instructors from local North Orange County Community College District. Book Donation: Elks Club and other service clubs donating books After School Volunteer Tutoring Program: Using community volunteers, local college students, retired teachers, etc, set up an after school tutoring program that helps students with homework or targeted skills needed by students. A School Based PEACE Plan for schools simply frames the many issues schools face into the 5 categories or "global giants" and taps into groups, organizations, and individuals to provide solutions and resources...the community's Lateral Wisdom.

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