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April 16, 2010



Rob, this is GREAT! The brain needs "downtime," time to reflect on new subject matter in order to process it and initiate memory formation. The concept of "white space" and its role in graphic design is a perfect analogy for this! I'm going to include a link to this in a future edition of "The Spectrum." Great work!

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Your thought is good.
Teaching In The White Spaces is nice topic.
"I need to disappear enough for my students to jump in and fill the learning environment with their own excitement and discovery."this sentence is nice.
It is helpful to us.

Thank You.


Do you know Weiss (=White) by Kenya Hara. You should read it, after what you wrote here.


Yes, yes, yes! Beautiful. I cannot tell you how often this topic has come up both with artistic clients as well as business professionals who are learning to acquire better listening skills! Our western culture is not very adept at cultivating the appreciation of quiet, or contemplation. The removal of pressure almost seems terrifying at times - and in fact it is this approach that can release the greatest amount of creativity!!! Thank you for calling attention to it!

Rob Jacobs

Thanks for the comment Nina. Releasing pressure releases creativity. We just need to plan for times to allow for it.

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