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October 16, 2008


(Eliza)Beth Holmes

Wouldn't you love to do a research project to answer the important question you pose in this post? You ask: "Is it possible that some school districts, school sites, and teachers are more successful at innovation than others?" My experience in many schools allows me to offer an opinion. My answer to your question is, "Yes. Yes. And yes!" Innovation and creativity flourish where there is enlightened leadership, positive energy, a "blanket acceptance" of all, high levels of encouragement for all, genuine respect for all, and confidence in positive outcomes. When an "expectation" of innovation is added to this mix, the climate becomes electric. It is a rare climate in a school - but it does happen. Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a formula for "birthing" a creative climate?
Stay on this question! It is a very good one - and one that deserves a definitive answer.

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