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July 14, 2008


Paul (from Idea Sandbox)

What great, and insightful questions about the education system, huh?!

Nice work on the interview and the posts!

Chris Wilson


Even though the book didn't address our educational systems in depth, you've made some great connections here.

I think one of the challenges in reforming the educational system is that when we start focusing on educational methods beyond testing, it becomes harder (or so it seems) to find tangible measures for tracking results.

I think we should put greater faith in our teachers to lead students, and judge whether or not they are on track. It reminds me of the same struggle business owners have in releasing control to front-line employees.

Great set of questions!

Rob Jacobs

Thank Chis, you make an interesting point. Education relies heavily on measurement, but it is very difficult to measure true learning or creativity. It is easy to measure memorization and recall. These are the issues education will need to grapple with.

As far as making interesting connections, that is what is what Education Innovation is all about. Thanks for stopping by.

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